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FILOR Storage Systems will deliver the most cost effective solution for all your workplace filing and storage requirements across the UK. Filing is the lifeblood of most Organisations; therefore businesses should ensure the workforce have the most effective file retrieval systems at their fingertips in order to drive efficiencies and maximise customer satisfaction.

It is essential that in any paper driven Organisation, the floor space given over to records storage be utilised to maximum effect. Property costs account for an ever increasing proportion of business overheads, therefore it is of paramount importance that this space is made to work harder than ever before.

At FILOR we pride ourselves upon exceptional customer focus, and bring a wealth of industry experience gained over many years. FILOR brings together the best mix of products and services to ensure your Organisation’s filing and storage operate for maximum efficiency and workspace value.
FILOR clients enjoy a very high level of service, with absolute priority given to ensuring a prompt, professional and friendly response at all times. We will very quickly interpret your working procedures and challenges to ensure we can work together to deliver a solution that is just right for you and your staff.

Simply call or email today to discuss all your Filing and Storage requirements with a FILOR consultant.

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